How It Works

We knew there had to be a better way…


Reimagining Clinical Trials

The pharmaceutical industry has struggled to keep pace with the technology driven lifestyle of those who participate in clinical trials. The user experience when interacting with mobile banking or social media apps is intuitive and easy. A patient should be able to expect the same type of user experience when participating in a clinical trial. Likewise, sponsors should be able to access real-time data and reports from clinical sites, PI’s and patients.

We knew there had to be a better way, so we took our extensive mobile experience within the commercial arena and combined it with our clinical knowledge; the result was the Clinical6™ platform. From digitally enrolling to engaging patients, our end-to-end technology platform enables sponsors and clinical research organizations to connect directly with and manage patients anywhere in the world, seamlessly integrating into their daily lives. Clinical6 gives patients the ability to interact with the trial as it suits their lifestyle. Patients enjoy a greater experience in clinical trials as Clinical6 conforms to their unique lifestyle, providing greater engagement, convenience and simplicity. It provides paperless, real time, secure interactions to those that sponsor, manage and participate in clinical trials. Clinical6 has successfully leveraged the power of technology to increase the speed of research, bringing lifesaving drugs and treatments to market faster.