Parallel6’s mClinical Platform, Clinical6 Hits 40,000+ Qualification Conversations

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Over 40,000 clinical trial participant candidates have engaged with the Clinical6 ENROLL module worldwide.

Parallel6™, the leader in mClinical technologies for improving patient enrollment, engagement, and management of clinical trials worldwide, announced today that they surpassed 40,000 qualification conversations through the ENROLL module of the Clinical6 platform. The ENROLL module enables potential participants to qualify, consent, confirm identity, and enroll in a virtual, site-based and hybrid clinical trial through their laptop, tablet or mobile device in over 50 localized languages. In addition, the ENROLL module will then assign and distribute Patient ID’s and automatically kick off logistical processes to onboard each patient.

The Clinical6 platform is a scalable and extensible platform that was designed to support over 30 million mobile app users. The scalable architecture uses millions of distributed highly redundant nodes to ensure ‘shortest path first’ which guarantees quality of service and a seamless user experience for trial participants no matter where they are in the world. Combined with advanced caching and encryption techniques, the Clinical6 platform services trials from ten to millions of participants, in multiple locations and in multiple languages around the world.

A deeper look at the ENROLL module numbers revealed that 75% of clinical trial candidates using the Clinical6 platform connected via a mobile device, and the average age of the qualifying participants was 64 years old. This is not surprising considering a report by Pew Research which shows that 54% of US adults ages 50-64 own a smart phone. In fact, within the older populations according to the same study 46% of US seniors actively use social networking sites, such as Facebook.

“We are excited to share these interesting statistics and findings. We still have a lot as an industry to learn, but it was interesting to discover the number of participants that connected through mobile – which underscores the Clinical6 philosophy of a patient friendly consent process with palatable ‘bite size’ chunks of information provided through a mobile first solution. As we innovate our technology, our goal is to bring the trial into the life of the patient, into the palm of the patient’s hand, in real time and at the right time, anywhere in the world.” said Parallel6 President, CTO and Founder, David Turner.

In addition to engaging with over 40,000 candidates in qualifying interactions, over 280,000 qualification questions were answered, and over 2,000 participants digitally consented and enrolled through the 21 CFR part 11 and Annex 11 compliant Clinical6 ENROLL module. These and the aforementioned findings continue to trend towards previous thinking that taking a platform approach while maintaining customized mobile experiences per trial, applies for all ages and locations.

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Parallel6™, is an innovative software as a service provider of mobile enrollment and engagement solutions for clinical research, health, and public sector organizations. Clinical6™ is an mClinical™ platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management of clinical trials worldwide. Additional solutions include GovReach™ for government agencies. GovReach accelerates government-to-citizen and internal government-digital efficiency, transparency, and engagement. The firm’s headquarters is in San Diego, CA with additional offices in Washington D.C. For more information, visit

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