Parallel6™ Announces the Clinical6™ Virtual Patient Encounter Module, CONSULT

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Clinical 6™ is an mClinical™ platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management of clinical trials worldwide.

Parallel 6, the leading software as a service (SaaS) provider of mClinical solutions for clinical trials, announced today the Clinical 6 Virtual Patient Encounter CONSULT module which enables both audio and video telemedicine communication between the patient and their care circle with the physician and clinical trial team.

Using the CONSULT module, patients and physicians can schedule a face to face virtual patient encounter to augment the informed consent process, for symptom follow-up, discussing lab results, or to simply preserve a healthy flow of communication.

“A relentless pursuit of excellence powers our team to push the technology envelope through constant innovation. The Clinical 6 CONSULT module released earlier this year, is a game changer for patients, doctors and clinical trial teams who recognize that clarity in communication fosters clarity in action when battling retention and speed of research, while enabling distributed clinical trials from anywhere in the world,” said Parallel 6 President, CTO and Founder, David Turner.

The CONSULT module can also be combined with the Clinical 6 Companion app, which means that the patient’s invited family, friends or caregivers can be invited to a virtual patient encounter to discuss the study, lab results or other study related information.

“Telemedicine is disrupting patient engagement in healthcare and clinical trials by lowering the barrier to access and increasing the ease, frequency and quality of patient-physician communication” said Brad Pruitt, M.D., Parallel 6 Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer, “Using the CONSULT module, the patient and their care circle can now all be engaged in support of their loved one enrolled the trial, no matter where in the world the patient, family or physician are located.”


About Parallel6

Parallel 6, is an innovative software as a service provider of mobile enrollment & engagement solutions for clinical research, health, and public sector organizations. Clinical 6™ is an mClinical™ platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management of clinical trials worldwide. Additional solutions include GovReach™ for government agencies. GovReach accelerates government-to-citizen and internal government-digital efficiency, transparency, and engagement. The firm’s headquarters is in San Diego, CA with additional offices in Washington D.C. For more information, visit

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