Parallel6 Announces Platform Name Change to Clinical6 for Company, Brand Alignment

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Same mClinical platform, features, and services; new name.

Parallel6™, the leader in mClinical technologies for patient enrollment, engagement, and management for clinical trials on a global scale, announced today that it has changed its flagship product name from Clinical Reach to Clinical6™ for appropriate market and brand alignment. The name change leverages the strength of the Parallel6 brand portfolio as the Clinical6 platform provides patient-centric engagement and support for patients participating in clinical trials, bringing lifesaving treatments to market faster.

Parallel6 was founded to support consumer engagement with the right information provided at the right time and place, and was architected based on the premise that the global population is connected by less than six degrees of separation. The Clinical6 mClinical platform leverages the connectedness of the world to support patients participating in clinical trials by seamlessly connecting patients to their circle of social support and care team. Never before have patients been empowered with a mobile solution for connectivity and support while participating in clinical trials to bring lifesaving treatments to the world.

“Clinical6 represents both the vision and mission of Parallel6 as we continually strive to develop the world’s most robust and connected ecosystem of support for patient participation in clinical trials.” said Parallel6 CEO and Chairman, Allan Camaisa, “Patients using the Clinical6 care circle app gain encouragement by their personal support network, which improves the patient experience while providing more accurate and compliant data to support market approval of lifesaving drugs.”

The Clinical6 platform supports phase II-IV clinical trials with indications including: diabetes, cancer, cardiology, pulmonology, rare disease, DNA registries, CNS and movement disorders, ophthalmology, pediatric and geriatric studies. Clinical6, the patented flagship product, is a multi-language multi-country end-to-end solution that empowers clinical trial participants to digitally qualify, consent, enroll, and engage in a clinical trial from the palm of their hand and in the privacy of their own home when needed. Using any Internet enabled device, Clinical6 eliminates delays, errors, and the myriad of issues presented from data dispersed across voluminous emails, reports, spreadsheets, and reams of paper documents.

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About Parallel6

Parallel6, is an innovative software as a service provider of mobile enrollment and engagement solutions for clinical research, health, and public sector organizations. Clinical6™ is an mClinical™ platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management of clinical trials worldwide. Additional solutions include GovReach™ for government agencies. GovReach accelerates government-to-citizen and internal government-digital efficiency, transparency, and engagement. The firm’s headquarters is in San Diego, CA with additional offices in Washington D.C. For more information, visit

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