Parallel 6’s Clinical 6™ adds companion app to increase patient compliance and retention in clinical trials

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Clinical 6™ is an mClinical platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management of clinical trials worldwide.

San Diego, CA. – February 22, 2016 – Parallel 6, the leading software as a service provider of mobile enrollment and engagement solutions for clinical research and public sector organizations, announced today that the Clinical 6™ platform has added a new companion app to their suite of products. The companion app drives clinical trial patient compliance by empowering the patient’s invited family or friends to receive reminders for patient medication adherence, and appointments. The companion app also facilitates two-way communication between the patient and their care circle.

“On a personal level, our new companion app is something I am extremely passionate about. If my father had a tool like this when he was undergoing cancer treatment it would have provided those of us that were closest to him with the transparency that we needed to properly support him. Ultimately an app like this could have even prolonged his life because we would have been able to assist with his medication adherence.” said Allan Camaisa, CEO and Chairman of Parallel 6.  “From a business perspective, the companion app adds another level of accountability which ultimately increases the patient’s participation and helps to ensure that they will remain in the clinical trial.”

“As clinical trials become virtual and incorporate risk-based monitoring, the need to supplement patient compliance and increase overall patient engagement and retention has increased dramatically,” said President, CTO and founder of Parallel 6, David Turner.  “The Clinical 6™ companion app provides both the patient and their “companion” a new and exciting way of participating in trials together. This extra layer of support will help increase patient retention in clinical trials and ultimately allow for a real time view into each virtual trial.”

The Clinical 6™ platform gives clinical trial stakeholders the ability to securely view trial specific information, medication adherence reports, and eCOA in real-time. They also have immediate access to the data they need to make informed decisions, faster.  Clinical 6™ leads to better clinical research data and improved compliance.

To learn more about the importance of engaging a patient’s support system during a clinical trial, and how the Clinical 6™ companion app helps to solve both participation and retention issues join Stephen J. Freedland, MD, and David Turner, President, CTO and founder of Parallel 6 for an informative webinar Wednesday, March 2nd , 2016.


About Parallel 6

Parallel 6, is an innovative software as a service provider of mobile enrollment & engagement solutions for clinical research, health, and public sector organizations. Clinical 6™ is an mClinical™ platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management of clinical trials worldwide. Additional solutions include GovReach™ for government agencies. GovReach accelerates government-to-citizen and internal government-digital efficiency, transparency, and engagement. The firm’s headquarters is in San Diego, CA with additional offices in Washington D.C. For more information, visit

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