Five Ways Analytics in Digital Health Tools Will Change Healthcare

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In David Lee Scher‘s blog post on The Digital Health Corner, he discusses how analytics found within digital technologies will benefit the current state of healthcare. His top five ways that analytics will provide value to the industry are:

1. Analytics will deliver value to electronic health records (EHRs)

2. Analytics will transform Big Data into Actionable Data

3. Analytics will be the key to personalized medicine

4. Analytics will decrease gaps/bias in care (geographic, socioeconomic)

5. Analytics will decrease the cost of care

In order to be able to gather this type of rich data, the use of a mobile enterprise application platform is extremely beneficial. This type of technology comes in handy, especially for clinical trails where the major components are recruiting and retaining patients. Being able to gather real-time data about patients is critical to discovering adverse reactions and other events that cannot be as quickly and efficiently detected with a paper trail. As a result of data capture, patients will be less likely to drop out of a clinical trial, will contribute more valuable information to their physician and will be able to reduce the time to bring medicine to market.

What other technical advancements do you predict will influence that digital health landscape this year?

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