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Articles about the digital transformation of the clinical trial industry

How Wearables Are Being Optimized In Clinical Trials

By Melissa Triebell: RAC, CCRC, VP of Clinical Applications, Parallel6

Wearable devices have proven to be a game changer as 80% of wearable owners say their device has positively impacted their health. Wearable devices are most commonly known as wearables. Wearables can be worn on a person’s body comfortably throughout the day. Wearables continuously monitor health.…


Implementing Bring Your Own Device In Clinical Trials

By David Turner: MS, CISA, President and CTO, Founder of Parallel6

In today’s world, smartphones are being used for almost everything. Over the past several years, companies have had to incorporate mobile technology into a business model that works for them. For example, mobile banking has revolutionized the way or them. For example…


Leveraging Mobile Clinical Technologies for Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

By Brad Pruitt, M.D., MBA: Executive Director, Chief Medical Officer

The clinical trial industry is going through a digital transformation. Paper-based methods that resulted in low patient engagement and imprecise, slow-moving data are quickly becoming a thing of the past. By 2017 the FDA is mandating electronic submissions as the new standard for drug development…


Maintain Clinical Data Integrity And Good Clinical Practice (GCP) In A Mobile Environment

By Sarah Enwright: Director of Quality Management and Corporate Compliance, Parallel6

The integration of mobile technology in clinical trials has not only revolutionized the way research is conducted, it has also eased the methods of achieving and maintaining Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and data integrity standards, while improving the quality of data. Clinical study teams are now able…